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I waited nearly one year to find the right business coach, and in July 2017 I was graced with my new Business coach James Dodd.  James was truly worth the wait. I am a complex client and do things in my own way and James adapted straight away. James has a great understanding of others difficulties and can so easily simplify when I go into overwhelm. Ever meeting I am learning new ways to create a better system for my business and that’s all down to James.

I believe in life it’s all about timing, James came at the exact time I needed him.

Patients are a virtue and GREAT things come to those who wait.

I would a million percent recommend James Dodd to any business owner.

Much Gratitude


Grace White Grace Lounge Hot Yoga Ltd 



“James Dodd has been my coach for only around 6 months and in this time our staff level has gone from 8 to 14 and our turnover has gone up by 300% The skills he has shown me have not only grown my business but also given me back more time for myself.

He is invaluable to my business and a fantastic coach.”


PJ Farr, Managing Director, Countrywide Telecoms Ltd



“James has been my business coach for a few months now after my initial meeting with him over a year ago. I made as massive mistake waiting a year to start my coaching as the levels of business grew instantly after I started working through all the elements of the coaching plan. I would recommend James to every business owner as what he has done for me and my business is priceless.
Thank you for all your help James.”


Allen Patrick, Managing Director, CPHL Ltd



“I had been considering coaching for a while, but wasn’t sure if it was a suitable investment for my business. I finally gave it a go this year and can honestly say that even within my first month I am seeing a massive improvement in my team. I am excited about what can be achieved over the next few months and urge other small business owners to give it a try.”


Daniella Goodman, Managing Director, Little Linguists Ltd 



“James from Action Coach has been a huge help in focusing the time and effort that I devote to my business. In a very short space of time the business has a more defined purpose and direction, with milestones and plans to help us get there. I have been very impressed with the knowledge and resources Action Coach has brought. I would highly recommend James and Action coach.”


Tom Sackett, Managing Director, KTD Construction Ltd



James has literally helped me to transform my business.”


“In the 9 months that I have been working with James as my Actioncoach, our business has grown considerably. We have quadrupled our client base and therefore our monthly income, James helped us to develop sustainable systems to enable smoother day to day operation and to prepare us for growth. He holds me as the company Director to account each week and is able to encourage and challenge me in our day to day growth. 


James’ affiliation to Actioncoach means that we benefit from a network of wisdom, experience and practices. 


James knows his stuff across the board and has ably advised me on marketing strategies, finance, staffing, goal setting, sales and day to day operations, amongst other things. 


If you are considering having a business coach (and I think every business owner should) then I would not hesitate to recommend James Dodd!


I would highly recommend James Dodd”


Antoinette Daniel

Managing Director of Just Helpers Ltd



“As a busy MD of a small direct marketing agency, I’d been thinking about taking on a business coach for several months. Sometimes, when you’ve been running a business for a number of years, you do need an outside opinion and help from an expert. A good friend of mine referred me to James at Action Coach, as he was impressed with the help and guidance he’d been getting. 


Although I’ve only been working with James for around four months now, I’ve seen a big difference in the way I conduct my business. Rather than telling me what to do, James is fantastic at getting me to ask myself the right questions before making important decisions. 


The real benefit for me of hiring James is the accountability you don’t have when you run a small business. Anybody running their own business in South London, Kent or Surrey should consider contacting James, or failing that the Action Coach in their area. You’ll start to see positive results quicker than you imagine!”


Philip Chantry, Managing Director, Hilite Marketing



James is one of those business coaches that you take on when you want to get things done. There is no Fluff with Jamse. He helps you get to the point and move your business forward. His knowledge of business is excellent and being part of ACTION Coach means that you get more than just one person in your coaching team.

So if you want to regain control over your time, move your team to the next level or just make more profit, definitely James is the guy to help you do it


Kevin Stansfield, ActionCOACH Solent



I have worked with Action Coach for a number of years now. In all honesty at first I had my reservations, however within 5 minutes of my first session I quickly changed my mind. Not only did I learn a lot about how to work and run a business but I also learnt a lot about myself. Action coach gave me huge confidence and a clear tunnel vision in how to progress within my industry. I would strongly recommend Action Coach to anyone looking to grow their business or to someone who is looking for that extra support. I know a number of people who have been part of Action Coach in a number of industries and it has helped all!’


Emma Warburton, Owner – Evoke Events



Trial Business Coaching Session Testimonials:


Spent an hour with James Dodd going over business strategy yesterday. Absolutely time well spent. I recommend just talking to him about your business and he will help you to take things to another level. Thank you James.


Leslie Lewis-Walker – Owner, Lewis Walker Media

“Have met with James a couple of times, his advice and motivation is superb. Straightforward practical common sense advice and support, I would strongly recommend James to anyone wanting to move their business on a level.
Will definitely be working more with James in the future.”


Simon Cripps, Managing Director, Smart Cow Marketing


“James arranged the Business Diagnosis Meeting with me to discuss options for the business coaching and to gain a feel for our business and so I could understand more about him. The meeting was not pressured or rushed in any way and I felt that James was extremely approachable and knowledgeable. He has a number of strategies to help businesses grow and these were outlined in a very simple format within the discussion. Whilst asking challenging questions, there was in no way a feeling that I was being judged and at the end of the meeting, I had a number of things to think about and reflect on. Overall, the meeting was very beneficial and relaxed and James is definitely somebody I could work with.”


Steven Taylor, Taylored Room Solutions


“Recently I met James to have a business diagnostics session. He made me feel very welcome and he as very patient and calm with me. James knowledge is endless and I can’t wait to get involved with his services full time. He knows exactly how to grow your business in the right direction and continues to remain in contact guiding you to reach your goals “

Emma, Evoke Events


Workshop Testimonials


What were your top 2 learnings to implement straight away and what was the value of the workshop?


“Great Value of content and great Presenter. To Plan- Set a vision and have someone hold you accountable and think outside the box.

To help my customers- share what I have learned and give them someone who can coach them”- Leah Connolly- Santander, Local Business Manager


“Leverage of partners/signposting service extension and systemisation of team processes. Learning about leverage. Good clarity of the coaching process and service.Excellent value of content and excellent Presenter” Andrew Denner, Business Navigator


“Time management. The value was immense. Learnt that my USP needs developing and need to work on time management.Excellent value of content and excellent Presenter” – Pauline Dean, Owner, Floral & Balloon Artistry


“To concentrate on company’s USP and remember that mistakes are not failures but learnings. The workshop gave me a great insight into the problems that small businesses face. Excellent value of content and excellent Presenter”- Feyley Barnham, Croydon Business Venture


“Let the team focus on the customers and get the team to buy into the strategy. Focusing on where I am now and where I need to be. Excellent value of content and excellent Presenter”- Terri Hudson, Director, Baker Wanless


“To offer a guarantee and provide a checklist for clients. Opened my eyes to possibilities to grow my business and got really useful ideas to implement. Excellent value of content and excellent Presenter” – Eny Osung, Director, Smallbiz- EMarketing


“Getting a clear vision on where I need to be and to be accountable to someone. Getting clarity to move forward. Great value of content and great Presenter” – Wayne Trice, Magic in a Trice


“Implementation of systems and measuring metrics. Understanding the fundamentals of a successful business. Good value of content and great Presenter” – Stakz Wills, Self Employed Musician


“Get out of comfort zone and become more proactive. gave Strategy Plans for me to enhance on my existing skills and better my approach. Great value of content and great Presenter” – Dhara Patel, The Low Tax Group


P M McDonnell MDI Ltd

In the first month that I worked with James he has potentially added almost 10% to my gross revenue just by recommending a simple strategy that I had never heard of. By just spending a little time working on the business, not in it and by seeing the wood for the trees, working with James has pretty much paid for itself already.

Stephen Hawksworth ED&F MAN Capital Markets Ltd

James worked for me at FCT as a STIR options trader. During my short time with FCT James demonstrated a consistently solid approach to position taking, position management and risk management. He was a valuable member of the team at FCT and worked well with others. For the past several years I understand that James has been running his own trading firm and has done well trading listed products. I would have no problem recommending James as an individual of solid character.

Michael Martin Head of Trading at Aliom Trading

James has always been very market aware, consistently looking for new opportunities whilst maintaining a very balanced view of risk. His product knowledge is second to none and is always willing to share this for the general good. I couldn’t recommend James more highly

Peter van’t Hoogerhuys Business Development Manager – ScaleFocus

James’s wealth of experience in the markets was a major asset for us on the floor. New traders that were seated next to him benefited greatly from the experience and James was always willing to share this knowledge to anyone that asked.
James was incredibly easy to work with owing to his sanguine attitude to the markets and his highly disciplined approach to trading.

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